Hodor for Slack

Long awaited fresh updates to the famous Hodor for Slack bot Docker Image. My life’s work, it leverages python-rtmbot and python-rtmbot-hodor to monitor any mentions of Hodor’s name in a Slack channel and reply with a message:

alt text

Hodor’s replies are determined by mood.

The ‘mood’ of reply is determined by comparing the content of the triggering message against a library of words and human interpreted intent scoring. After mood assignment, a message is chosen based on a ‘item drop’ type selection process that allows for weighting of responses.

Quick Start

  1. Add a bot user to your slack team and obtain the API token.
  2. Deploy the image, passing to it the API token in the SLACK_TOKEN environment variable:
docker run \
       --rm \
       --name hodorbot \

At some point in the future I hope to leverage a key-value store such as redis to help Hodor ‘remember’ how people treat him.

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